6 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Effective

One summer my youngest daughter, Sydney, broke her arm during a bike accident. Obviously going through her summer break, church camps and beach vacations with a massive cast was no fun for her.

While she may remember the discomfort of the cast or the pain of the accident, I was most intrigued by what happened once she got the cast off. After her arm was healed and the cast was removed Syd protected that arm and refused to use it for weeks! Maybe months! 

Even though it was healed she was conditioned to live like it was broken still. Her method of protecting it was refusing to use it. Her re-found health was trumped by her protective conditioning.

Leadership can be the same way. Life can be the same as well. Regardless of the potential that some have, they can condition themselves to be ineffective. We have to intentionally guard our emotional state, circumstances or words from being limiting factors in our lives.

Here are 6 "conditions" I notice in people that limits their ability to make an impact. Hopefully you can find something here that may be limiting you from being as effective as you can be in leadership and life. 


No one wants to follow a complainer because no one wants to be around a complainer. Joel Osteen says, "If you cannot be positive, then at least, be quiet." Remember, crows can't fly with eagles. 

Limiting beliefs

Some days the only person who believes in you is you. If you believe the worst about yourself, those beliefs will become reality. What you focus on is what you will find.

Blaming others

People who blame things rarely change things. You may not be completely at fault for where you are in life, but you are the only one can get yourself out of it. Own your situation, own your part in getting there and own the responsibility to get yourself out.

Negative self-talk

Your words eventually become your actions which eventually become your beliefs. You can change your world by changing your words. Speaking negative about yourself robs you of confidence in your own eyes and credibility in the eyes of others.

Dwelling on the past

Yesterday only defines tomorrow if you dwell on it today. Move past the things that hold you back. Ruminating over the past keeps you stuck in the past.

Resistance to change

Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful. Leaders are agents of change, you cannot take people where you are not willing to go. Introduce new ideas, challenges and relationships into your life to condition yourself to change.

If you find yourself struggling with one of these today, I believe you can overcome it. Whatever reason you carry one or more of these issues, refuse to allow the residue of the reason to last. Set yourself free of these limiting mindsets and unleash the effective life you have inside of you.