Is your ministry facing a growth barrier? Does your leadership team need fresh insight into an issue?  Could your Sunday services use a fresh set of eyes?  Would your ministry benefit from an structural overhaul?

I would love to help.

I work with ministries and leadership teams to craft unique solutions to your problems.  Working with me, you will get personal expert insight into your issues.  I will help identify and work through your individual hurdles, there are not cooking cutter answers here.


I set aside time each month for calls with leaders.  We all need a person with some experience to bounce ideas off of.  If you would like to set up a time to connect about leadership and ministry, here are some options.

Several times a year I lead groups of 8-12 ministry leaders in a focused learning group.  We deal with topics such as how to connect people to your church, healthy volunteer systems, preaching sermons that stick with people or how to introduce digital giving to your church.  These groups occur in 4-8 week time frames for 1 hour a week.  Thus far these groups have taken place using a digital platform.  

Upcoming Coaching Group - November 3 - December 1

Is your team constantly needing more volunteers?  Do you wish you had an easy way to connect people the first time they visit your church?  Would your ministry soar if you had a plan to grow volunteers into leaders?  

This coaching network is for you!

In 4 sessions you will learn a proven system to connect people quickly into your ministry, establish a clear path of leadership development and ensure that your volunteers are unified around the vision of your ministry.  You will be equipped with a system that works!  You will receive easy to replicate material that can be used next week in your church.  Plus, you will be connecting with other church leaders who are working through similar issues in live-time.

Space is limited to 10 people in this course.  It will fill up quickly.  Secure your spot.  Apply today! 

Often times on-site coaching is most ideal.  I hold 1, 2 and 3 day sessions with teams of all sizes.  Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Growth - How can you remove the areas that are keeping more people from connecting at your church?
  • Volunteer Teams - Do you gain volunteers by making desperate pleas from the platform or have a plan to create a strong team of people who passionately serve?  
  • Leadership Strategy - What is your plan to instill the skills and knowledge in people to grow them into the leader they are meant to be?
  • Financial Strategies - Every ministry needs a plan to generate more operating income, what is yours?
  • Staff Development - Is your team structured to thrive and lead a church any larger than you already are?
  • Millennial Leaders - How can you unleash the next generation of leaders to impact your church today?
  • Church Planting - With all of the nuances of launching a church, who is coaching you along the way? 

What is your next step?  Let's begin a conversation.  Simply fill out the interest form to get started...