For 17 years I've communicated to audiences ranging from a few people around a table to thousands in an auditorium. I've taught students in high schools, business and ministry leaders in conference settings, and local church congregations.

Planning an event and looking for a stellar communicator? I would love to work with you and your organization to customize a solution.  If you'd like to explore the possibilities, simply fill out the speaking request form.



Here's what you can expect:

1.  Prompt, professional replies to your calls and email messages.
2. A personal phone consultation with Kevin prior to your event, in order to craft a message that will serve you and your audience.  
3. At least one promotion of your event on Kevin's social media outlets and blog site. This is unless your event is private.
4. A well prepared and passionately delivered message designed to advance your cause with the audience.  
5. Follow up communication after your event, to ensure that your expectations were met and to gain valuable feedback. 

Inspirational topics for church services:

  • Purpose.  People are searching for a sense that their life matters.  The need for purpose is a universal desire for those who are far from God and those know Him closely.  The Bible is filled with stories and truths that unveil meaning in each of our lives.
  • Generosity.  Every church feels the tension of finances.  Often times this calls for a campaign to raise capital, a teaching on money from the Bible, or a message inspiring people to give.  
  • Hope.   Too many people feel the weight of hopelessness.  Fortunately scripture tells us otherwise.  Jesus is the Light that shines into the hidden places of hearts to inspire a better tomorrow.  

Topics that work well for leadership and conferences:

  • Developing Young Leaders.  Nothing infuses a ministry with more life than young leadership.  Without a process to train and release these fresh leaders, struggles will ensue.  Learn how to properly grow the next generation of leaders in your church into the now generation.  
  • Building and Leading Volunteer Teams.  Churches are volunteer intensive organization.  Because Sundays happen every week we need simple steps to connect people quickly to our ministries.  Provided here are the necessary tools and hacks required to add volume and strength to your volunteer teams.  
  • Creating a Life-Giving Culture.  No matter how health of a seed is planted, the condition of the soil determines growth.  Culture is the soil in your ministry, staff and life.  There are mindsets that can be developed to give your culture a spirit of health and vigor.  
  • Growing Financially.  How do you fund your ministry?  Through this talk you will learn a system to ensure that money is never an issue.  Implementing these tools will mean you will never face your congregation in desperation again.    

Topics that work well in corporate or conference settings:

    • Keys to a Healthy Life.  Leaders are only as effective as they are healthy.  Learn what it looks like to live with balance.  Physical, financial and emotional health are all dealt with in this talk.  
    • Leading Millennials.  They are coming!  Is your business ready for them.  Companies who are harnessing the power of the millennial generation are thriving.  Discover how your organization can be one of those.  
    • Meetings that get things done and keep people awake.  Most people hate meetings, usually with great cause.  Hear how you can leverage meetings to make them the most effective times of your week.  
    • Dealing with Conflict.  Every team has two constants:  People and, sometimes, problems.  Dealing with conflict is sometimes a deficiency among leaders.  Be challenged to develop a system that navigates issues in a manner where health prevails.